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WSMA Journal.  Receive the Journal of the WSMA with stories and articles about upcoming events. In order to save postage and printing costs, the newsletter will be sent by e-mail.  Paper copies can be mailed upon request. 

WSMA Annual Events Calendar.  A comprehensive list of events throughout the Pacific Northwest which is posted and kept updated on the WSMA website. 

WSMA and the WDFW:  The WSMA represents the muzzleloader hunters on a statewide basis.  We participate and are involved with the WA Department of Fish and Wildlife committees to ensure muzzleloader hunters have input on future muzzleloader hunting opportunities in Washington State.

WSMA Pilgrim Award:  Recognizes the first time Muzzleloader shooters at rendezvous events.  It is presented by a WSMA representative at scheduled events where possible.

WSMA Youth Activity Incentive Grants:  Based on applications received each year prior to December 1st.  Amount is based on available funds and established need and worthiness of the program.  Open to member clubs as well as other youth organizations desiring to facilitate muzzleloading shooting programs.  Applications need to reach the WSMA by Dec 1st.  Late applications may be considered.  Additional awards and prizes may be presented by the WSMA based on available funds.

WSMA Sanctioned Event Medals.  WSMA gold, silver, and bronze medals are available for specific, dedicated events submitted to the Events Booshway by Dec 1st and approved by the Executive Committee.  Up to 24 medals provided at no cost to the member organizations based on submitted programs. Additional medals available at cost. 

WSMA Annual Fundraising Banquet.  Each March the WSMA gathers for a catered meal and night of fun with the purpose of raising money to support WSMA activities.  The highlight of the event is the live auction, with items donated by our traders and members.  Please join in the fun.

All WSMA members are encouraged to participate in all of these membership benefits.  WSMA is the key to more fun and enjoyment in the great sport of Muzzleloading.


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